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May. 15th, 2011

I've been quiet lately.  That's because I have no life... but apparently, I DO have lupus.  That's the skin thing, but I'm fairly sure that it's just the skin type, not the systemic version... fingers crossed, I find out late next month.

In other news, no job, no relationship.... I just sit and wait.  For what, I don't know, but I wait.  I kept my GPA at 3.3 this year (this semester, I got an A- in English, B+ in Can. History and Pop Culture Sociology, B in Medieval History and B- in Social Psychology.)   So while nothing's BAD, nothing's particularly GOOD, either.  I float on, which I guess isn't the worst thing that could happen.....

Also, it seems I'm taking over LJ one comm at a time.  I'm now managing Stupid Pet Owners as well, so anyone who might have migrated away from that place because of former mod clashes, come on back! It's safe(r) now!  (Funny thing about that is that I have SUPER Limited internet @ home, so all my comms are still pretty much self-serve, and I only jump in when there's an issue.  Lurkers feel free to message me or comment in my unlocked entries, but I don't suffer whiners.....

Jan. 11th, 2011

Because I haven't updated in a while and I have another hour until my next class starts... well, here it is.  I want to start off by noting that this semester, I'm FINALLY recognizing people from past classes and they are recognizing me as well (that is, other than the people I associate with on a more personal level)  Oh, and I did fine overall last semester: A+ in English, A in Math, A- in Sociology, B+ in Astronomy and C+ in Philosophy.  The C+ was a disappointment, but expected since the teacher was a flake. 

And speaking of flakes last semester, I don't think I ever posted about the dummy in my Womens' Lit class, but since she's apparently in my Pop Culture/Soc. class this term, I better vent now, in case it comes up again.  Here are some gems I recall from last semester (all quoted as closely as she originally said them, maybe not word-for-word, but damn close):

-(when discussing the fact that the author of "The Yellow Wallpaper" committed suicide around the turn of the century after being diagnosed with cancer.  Important to note that the short story is about the "rest cure" and "feminine hysteria" carried out in the mid-19th C) "I was really disappointed in her when I found out she killed herself.  I mean, she didn't even TRY to get treatment.  She just gave up."

     (Keep in mind, this author had undergone the "rest cure" herself, and suffered a nervous breakdown as a   result of it.  She had a rampant distrust of doctors and men in general.  Add to that that cancer treatment in the late 1800s-early 1900s was probably not very effective or comfortable, it's no surprise the author did what she did)

-"How could they say that it [hysteria] was a female thing? What about the millions of men coming back from the Civil War with post traumatic stress disorder?"
            (Again, what?  I'm pretty sure PTSD is a recent development.)

-(when discussing whether a man could be a feminist) "Well, I think that if he's gay, then yeah, he can be a feminist.  I mean, I guess it depends... if he's gay because he likes men, then no.  But if its because he wants to be a woman, then yeah."  
     (I can't recall this whole thing, but the gist was that she thinks gay men are just women with dicks. When I mentioned that this might be a problematic way of thinking, she backpedalled harder than anything I've seen here, and I laughed heartily)

There's more, that's just off the top of my head.  She also got mad at a friend in that English class, and started bringing peanuts to class after that so the "friend" (who had a severe allergy to nuts) couldn't sit with her anymore.  IIRC, it was because the friend told her that her militant anti-tanning stance "if you tan, you WILL get cancer and you WILL die!"- might be a bit strong for public discussion.

And now we're in a class where all we do is talk about how media portrays and promotes stereotypical representations.  She's already started making stupid comments (like "women are never in charge on crime shows" - it was quickly pointed out that Catherine was the fill-in boss on CSI, the captain on Law & Order was a woman, as is the Big Boss of the FBI in Criminal Minds.  She backed down, but I'm sure she'll forget and do it again next week)

In other news, I quit smoking today.  I'm on Chantix, and it seems to be working- I've been up more than 4 hours, and even though I've THOUGHT about smoking, I'm not itching to stop at a store and buy a pack.  Hell, I have 3 or 4 smokes in a drawer in my bedroom (the end of my "last pack" - I tried to chain smoke them all last night, but couldn't do it) AND my Mom said she'd give me some over the next little bit if I was hurting, and I didn't even consider it.  

OK, I considered it.  But I didn't do it, and that's the important part.

And now back to waiting for 45 minutes for an intro class that probably is pointless anyhow.

Update (of sorts).

So I have my dermatologist appointment set up- Dec. 8.  Which is MUCH better than the first date they gave me (Jan. 6)  Socialized health care at its best, folks!  On the plus side, the cream is shrinking it a bit more, so with any luck it'll be gone by the time I see the doc.... which I'm hoping happens, since the biopsy appt. is the same day as my Math final.

But thanks to everyone for the support and well-wishes.  I'm feeling a bit better mentally about the whole thing, so that's a plus.

And as of today, I'm pretty much done all my major assignments for the semester, except for touch-ups and final edits. 

My last point is one I've brought up before, and received little response.  But since it's coming up in sf_d again, I thought I'd toss it out there, see if anything sticks.  Moderation in customers_suck: drastic changes or same old shit?  New mods/rules for the good, or is it just the same with different faces?

Because I really think we're doing well, and yet I saw ANOTHER comment thread saying we're "the worst mods ever" - in this case, I get it... someone said something stupid.  And so long as you don't flat-out insult the person, you can tell them so.  Personal attacks aren't allowed, but the rest of it we let go through- otherwise we'd be "over-modding' which is just as bad, I thought?

Anyway, I'm just tired of having to stick up for what we're doing when the majority of the people complaining don't even know WHO the mods are or what's going on.   So I'm looking for suggestions as to how we can run things a bit more smoothly

RIP Greg Giraldo 1965-2010

One of my heroes died today.

Greg, you will be missed.  You're roasting Jesus in Heaven now.   The world is a little less funny today, and the saddest part is that the majority of the world won't even know why. 

I'd post in TQC, but I'll try this first

So, as previously mentioned, my internet was struck by lightning. Twice.  Because of that, my banking is semi-screwed (not so bad I can't fix it, but it's sort of close until the student loan comes through), and I was late paying for school, I've been a horrid mod and neglected my duties (hee hee I said doodies)  in C_S, and lots of other crap.  In an effort to ensure that I won't be stuck with no internet access again, I upgraded my phone & plan and got a BlackBerry Curve.  I sort of love it.

Anyone recommend any apps (preferably free)?  Is there an LJ app for BB?  Anyone have a blackberry and want to swap codes?

In other news, I actually tried to be social tonight, and was somewhat successful.  A guy I used to date, like, 10 years ago is living in Vancouver and thinks he's a rapper.  He was on Warped Tour this summer and he's gotten some press & awards & stuff, so when I heard he was doing a show in town, I got an old friend from high school to go with me to see how the hell he managed to get attention- when I knew him, he wasn't THAT good.  

He's still not.  And sort of a jerk- I mean, I know he was busy, and he DID let us in free (thank god- I wasn't about to pay $18 to see him)  but he pretty much ignored us (and both Vanessa - the friend- & I have known him for 15+ years)  But one of the other guys on the bill was good, and we had fun, mostly.  

Then I dropped Vanessa & a friend of hers off at the casino and stopped @ 7-11 for gas & milk on my way home.  The store was full of guys! And most of them cuter than the ones I'd just left at the bar.  One guy tried to use guitar picks to pay, and we joked around a bit, then I asked if they would accept chickens instead.  No go on either one.

While I pumped my gas, the guitar pick guy came out to his vehicle, which was parked on the other side of the pumps.  It was this big ugly van, and there were 4 other guys hanging around it. We chatted a bit, it turns out they played a show at another spot downtown, and are headed to Calgary.  The guitar pick guy joking said I should buy one of their CDs, and since Vanessa's friend paid our tab and we didn't pay cover, I had a pretty cheap night (if you ignore the fact that I bought new shoes and a shirt and got my hair cut- oh and bought a new car battery....) but I still spent less than I expected to tonight- I had planned to get shit canned and stay in a hotel.  

Point being, when the guy offered me a CD, I took it. $10.  Didn't have high hopes, but it wasn't half bad.  Let's just say that I was at the wrong bar tonight- there was way better music elsewhere.  It's pretty heavy, but not horrible- the kid will like it, and the guys were SO appreciative.  They said I was the best person they met all day.  It WAS 12:14 and the only other people they'd probably seen in the last 14 minutes were the scary denizens of the 7-11, but I'll take it.

And then I got in my car, started it up and a drunk guy stumbled out the door and landed on my car.  He didn't even notice, just wandered away.  I wish I had been quicker with my camera- another good feature on a Blackberry.  Vanessa has an iPhone, and we compared in the club- mine was way clearer and better in low light.

Take that, Apple.

Sep. 8th, 2010

OK, so my last post was a bit premature: I had the internet back for a whole 14 hours, most of it while I was sleeping.  Then it was out again until this afternoon- which is AWESOME, considering I had to pay my credit card (text book balance), THEN pay my tuition with the card once it had the room.  Oh, and get stuff organized for an outing on Friday and ... ugh.  2 weeks is a long damn time.

ANYWAY, imagine my surprise when I come back to these comments in my journal.  And this message in my inbox: stop harassing me. I'm sorry you think I'm an insult but I assure you I am human and clearly more mature than you ever will be. contact me or use the name services as I do and I will all the police.

From the same person.

Can someone tell me what the fuck is going on?  Who is this person and why are they so angry?

Sep. 1st, 2010

Stupid lightning hit the internet and I had no connection for a fricking week... SO much catching up to do.  Anyone who thought I was MIA or dead- no such luck.  Gawd dang sky 'lectricity.

Aug. 16th, 2010

I'm just going to leave this here, so next time lizziey starts whining that everyone else refuses to let the past drop and she NEVER brings it up, it can be thrown in her face and ... OK, she won't shut up, but it'll still be sort of satisfying.


I was just watching MuchMusic (Canadian MTV) and there was a filler between the show I was watching (Pretty Little Liars, shut up, don't judge me) and the commercials, and it said:


That was it. No sound, no movement, just that very serious declaration.

I like that MM isn't afraid to tell the truth.

Jul. 10th, 2010

So sick of this.  Also tired of all the white knights coming to her rescue.  I know, scroll & shit... but seriously? 


Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass.

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